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Brass Press Fit Y Strainer

Comply with BS EN 1092-2, AS/NZS 4020, BS EN 12165
Brass Press Fit Y Strainer


Size (mm) : 15 to 65

NORIKA® Y-type Strainer is commonly used in water supply equipment to provide good filtration to help prevent damage to valves, meters, etc. from rust and dirt, without sacrificing high flow characteristics. Working principle: The medium flows through the Y-shaped filter, and the impurities will be filtered and left in the stainless steel 304 filter screen. It is suitable for water supply system and can be installed at the inlet of pressure reducing valve, water meter or other equipment. The diameter of 15mm to 65mm is the copper alloy thread style, and the diameter of 80mm to 300mm is the epoxy resin coated ductile iron flange style.

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